Why Sports gear on your car?

Today the bicycle has established itself as an alternative medium for transportation, while at the same time its has become a commonly accepted way to exercise and have fun. The interconnectivity of these practical, healthy lifestyle-oriented and entertaining values is what brings importance to being able to transport bicycles on your Smart car.

Rack4smart©, is a bicycle rack that can be easily and securely installed on the rear end of any Smart Fortwo car. At the same time, even though Rack4smart© is light and occupies very little space, its dimensions have been carefully calculated so that it can transport up to two bicycles simultaneously with great ease and safety. For the particularly bold and athletic users,Rack4smart© can also transport gear for watersports and snowsports simply by installing the optional parts available exclusively through Rack4smart© online store: Two snowboards or twoskis, or even a combination of one of each.

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