Why Rack4smart©?

The value of Rack4smart©’s presence in the bicycle rack market can be found in the rigorouspreparation of the company’s development plan. The company has placed great emphasis on the formulation of its development plan and its utilization as a guide for stepping into the future. Rack4smart© aims at forming a network of e-commerce points of sales through the appropriate product exposure and promotions while also creating a strong brand name in order to place the company at the top tier of both the Greek and International bicycle rack markets.

Rack4smart©’s products have been designed by engineers and are manufactured wholly in Greece, while infusing ergonomics and functionality into the cornerstone of its operations. The company’s product design and manufacturing process was shaped in order to provide a safe way to transport your sports gear (bicycles, snowboards, water skis) as well as a practical way to transport and install the product itself. Furthermore the Rack4smart© unit is the only product on the market which can remain permanently installed on the rear end of your SmartFortwo car. While installed, Rack4smart©’s innovative design allows access to your SmartFortwo’s luggage compartment at any time without obstructing the driving process, as it leaves all of your vehicle’s rear lights and its license plate completely visible. Finally, Rack4smart’s© metallic and fine-tuned build add a touch of finesse to the chassis of any Smart Fortwo car.

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