Manufacturing Techniques

The Rack4smart applies specific manufacturing techniques in order to design and manufacture its products. These techniques – referred as ManTech – are the steps that start from the design and reach to the final product.

All Rack4smart’s products are fully meet design requirements and specifications and are manufactured by the most economical methods in order to minimize costs. New developments in materials, production methods, and computer integration of both technological and managerial activities in a manufacturing organization are constantly be evaluated with a view to their timely and economic implementation. Finally, quality is built into the product at each stage, from design to assembly, rather than relying on quality testing after the product is made.

The products go through a number of stages during the manufacturing process. The basic stages of the production are:

  • Preparation Of Material – Selecting suitable materials, making templates and jigs, measuring materials to size and preparing tools and equipment.
  • Processing Technology – Manufacture of individual components / parts, use of specialist equipment and tools (eg. CNC), use of appropriate hand tools.
  • Assembly Technology – Use of a production line to assemble components, Fixing together of parts eg. Soldering, gluing, bolting/ joining together etc and recycling of waste materials.
  • Quality Control – Quality control carried out by machines and inspection, computer testing of final product, visual checks and product testing.

Below are some pictures of these stages:

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