Rack4smart goes abroad

Rack4smart with a partnership with Nippon Express, (logistic center) ship the products from Netherlands for most of European Countries. Rack4smart has now the warehouse in Europe, in order to reduce the shipping cost and time for countries such as: Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, UK, Portugal. Products for the rest of European […]

Manufacturing Techniques

The Rack4smart applies specific manufacturing techniques in order to design and manufacture its products. These techniques – referred as ManTech – are the steps that start from the design and reach to the final product. All Rack4smart’s products are fully meet design requirements and specifications and are manufactured by the most economical methods in order […]

Why Rack4smart©?

The value of Rack4smart©’s presence in the bicycle rack market can be found in the rigorouspreparation of the company’s development plan. The company has placed great emphasis on the formulation of its development plan and its utilization as a guide for stepping into the future. Rack4smart© aims at forming a network of e-commerce points of […]

Why Sports gear on your car?

Today the bicycle has established itself as an alternative medium for transportation, while at the same time its has become a commonly accepted way to exercise and have fun. The interconnectivity of these practical, healthy lifestyle-oriented and entertaining values is what brings importance to being able to transport bicycles on your Smart car. Rack4smart©, is […]

Why Smart?

The Smart vehicle has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives as one of the most important means of transportation. Due to the characteristics of our economic environment and the constant increase in fuel prices, there has been a continuous and significant rise in the demand for small and economical vehicles on a worldwide […]